Shakespeare Alive and Well

Shakespeare Alive and Well!

By Jana Ferguson on 28 November 2014

Having doubted whether Shakespeare could hold me without the poetry, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed reading all of the Inessential Shakespeare books published by the Kabet Press. John and Leela Hort proved there was no need for me to have worried. Not only did the tales still hold me, but gave me a new level of delight because I didn’t have to rack my brain trying to remember what some of the obscure Elizabethan words meant. The characters are just as rich and alive as in the originals; their tragedies made me weep and their hilarious antics made me laugh out loud. I am buying the full set for my seven year old niece because I don’t want her to miss the wonder of Shakespeare’s plays because of any fear of the vocabulary. The poetry will be there when she’s ready.

Jana Ferguson, Wednesday 18 February 2015