What the Press has said

"Shakespeare made entertaining and simple, faithful to the characters and scenes and capturing the essence of the originals."


"Though shortened and simplified, everything is there except the poetry, which is not lost, but waiting for a later, and now more aware, discovery."


"A valid way in to Shakespeare... Comparing them with the full version strikes me as an interesting classroom exercise."

THE SHAKESPEARE AND SCHOOLS PROJECT - Cambridge Institute of Education

What readers have said


"I could actually understand for the first time what was happening in a Shakespeare play without it being explained to me!"

"It's easier to understand than any Shakespeare thing, because it's in modern language. So I wasn't confused by the flowery language."

"I didn't know that Shakespeare could be such fun."


"I got so absorbed [in Henry V] that I let my saucepan of vegetables boil dry and burn!"

What producers have said

A Midsummer Night's Dream

"May I say from a teacher/director/producer point of view, I found your script a wonderful introduction to the great work. For my part, I thoroughly enjoyed your modern version. It struck a chord with all members of our group which as you know has a broad age range."

"The actual performances went very well, and comments from staff and children were very favourable. The cast found the play comical and fun to be involved in and said they would be interested in seeing how Shakespeare had done it!"

Twelfth Night

"Thanks for the script of "Twelfth Night" It was just perfect for my workshop group!"

Henry V

"On the night, the audience - some of whom had definitely not understood any Shakespeare play- were both entertained and enlightened."

Nutley Youth Theatre

The Inessential A Midsummer Night's Dream
24th and 25th November 2000

Having looked at the story of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream during the summer term of 2000, the Nutley Youth Theatre Workshop decided to look for a simplified script suitable for performance in November 2000. We read the above version and immediately decided this was the script for us!                      Frances Armstrong   Producer

This is what some of the cast had to say after the performances:

“I played the part of Titania in Midsummer Night’s Dream. The simplified version of the original script was wonderful, using modern language with an extensive vocabulary. I was able to enjoy the play a lot more. I loved playing the part of Titania, my lines were magical to say and with the set and costumes the play worked beautifully.”   Claire Roberts aged 15

“I really enjoyed Midsummer Night’s Dream. One of the first big performances I had done. Really fun.” Jessica aged 11½

“I got to play the part of Helena which was the one I wanted. I found the modern language a lot easier to cope with because it made it more close to home. The final production was brilliant.” Kate Anderson aged 14

“Hermia is quite a hard part to play. I found it much easier with the modern language as I was able to understand it. It was a very enlightening experience…” Rosie Lewenstein aged 15

“I thought it was great fun, the way it was written was really fab. I really had fun with my role.” (Bottom) Tom Drury aged 14

“I played Philostrate. When we were first told we were doing Shakespeare I didn’t like the idea but it was great fun doing it. The performance went well and it was all good fun.”  Lindsey Roots aged 12

“I played a talking fairy. I thought that a Shakespeare play would be very hard with all the old English, but this was great. The best play I’ve ever done.” Harriet Fermor aged 13

“I was Quince. I really enjoyed being him. The play was really good because I wouldn’t have understood it in Shakespeare language but now I know what it means I would understand it.” Woody Lewenstein aged 13

“I played Puck. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The play was translated into modern English really well and yet it still kept some great Shakespearean style to it. A brilliant script.”  Chris Stringer aged 13